Addiction Recovery Services LLC

DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional in Pine Bluff and the state of AR.

Alcohol Drug Counseling Services

Alcohol and Drug Consulting Services

Counseling and Consulting services are available.

Drug Free Work Place Services

Drug Free Work Place Services

We strive to keep your business alcohol/drug free and safe.

Alcohol Drug Prevention Services

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Services

Keep your employees away from drugs and alcohol.

DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional in Pine Bluff, AR

At Addiction Recovery Services LLC we 're committed to ensuring that employees in the transit, trucking, aviation, pipeline and maritime industries who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation, are handled in accordance with public safety.

Our role as DOT qualified substance abuse professionals is to keep the public safe by determining employees’ eligibility to return to their safety-sensitive positions after an alcohol or drug incident. Additionally, we provide administrative support like alcohol and drug policy development and alcohol and drug supervision training. We are licensed and certified professionals with over twenty years of experience in alcohol/drug Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment.



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